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The "Who" behind Ava Maree

Posted on December 19 2019

The "Who" behind Ava Maree

In the midst of finalising inventory and prepping for tomorrow's social media uploads, my mind was again thinking about where/what I wanted this brand to be in 12 months time. So many businesses are just that, a business. Consumers engage and buy products without any idea as to who it is they're supporting, the "Who" behind the brand.

I had been tossing up between the concept of just being Ava Maree, a baby and children's clothing boutique as the thought of consumers having an insight into our lives was a little overwhelming. As I was trying to determine which way to go my 6 month old reached across my laptop in great excitement and in doing so shut it down with none of my work saved. Looking at her face and how proud she was for taking back her mum's attention made me realise that Ava Maree was not going to be just another faceless brand. 

Ava Maree is a homage to my baby girl, Ava Maree Mitchell. At 6 months old she is mischievous, full of life and statistically short. For my partner and I she is our introduction to parenthood and we are loving every minute of watching her grow and experience life. Every day is a new learning curve for both her and I, while she is in the process of trying to crawl and grab anything in arm's length, I am trying to navigate the socially acceptable amount of coffee a mum can consume in an attempt to keep up with said child. 

While pregnant with Ava I knew that I would not be returning to my 9-5 job, providing me with the chance to start the foundation for a babies and children's boutique, something I have wished to do for years. Since having a baby I quickly learnt that I had more down time back when I was working that 9-5 as motherhood is a 24/7 shift, but those special bonding moments on the couch while Ava slept on my chest was enough to give me time to research and finalise an overall image of my branding. 

Ava Maree came to life in the public eye a month ago and already I am overwhelmed with the support it has received. There may be tweaks and changes in my pursuit to make the most of this brand but at this moment it is already more than I could have imagined. 


Savannah xx 


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  • Tracy: January 08, 2020

    Well done and Congratulations Sav!

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